Sailing / Sunset Cruise to North Evian Gulf

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Sunset sailing cruises from the city of Artaki to the shores of the gulf of Northern Evia with a sailing boat. A trip that combines the relaxing pace of a holiday with the needed dose of marine adventure! Enjoy a dip into the bright blue crystal clear waters as well as visit to small and unique private seasides, approaching shorelines that are impossible to access overland, where you will have the chance to swim – sunbath - snorkel.

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Departure from the picturesque port of Nea Artaki.
First meeting with the crew
15:00 - 17:30
On board
North-West sail of 11 miles, heading to Melouna (Dafni)
or Egglezonissi (Ktyponissi) (Depending on the weather)
Getting familiar with the vessel and its operation
Enjoying a sail in waters surrounded by lush landscapes
17:30- 19:30
Arrival at Destination
Anchorage in the beautiful bay of Meluna 
or Egglezonissi (Ktyponissi) (Depending on the weather)
Swimming in turquoise waters & sunbathing
Options for snorkeling
Gourmet snack with Greek products and beverages
Sail along the impressive coastline of cosmopolitan Chalkida
A brief narrative of the long history of the region over the centuries
Arrival at Nea Artaki.
Optional commemorative photo with the passengers and the crew

*The schedule is indicative and subject to modifications depending on weather conditions.
**For requests outside available dates, small groups under 6 people, or private request, please place an inquiry and we will do our best to meet your requirements
***Bookings are handled in 48 hours notice***

  • Declant beach, our first destination, is a deserted beach with turquoise water, small pebbles and pine trees end up to the beach. It is located just below Kantili mountain in the North Evia gulf and accessible only by sea. We will be able to moor to a permanent dock. We will enjoy the beach and the teal waters for about an hour and explore the small coves by swimming. Keen walkers can enjoy a small hiking path along the beach, but you can also relax under the shade of a huge pine tree on the beach.
  • Our second option is the “Englishman’s” island which is a large uninhabited island just below Htypas mountain. Three sublime beaches you can swim in, walking on the island or go snorkelling are just some of the activities you can do on the island. The island was leased in 1930 by the Englishman Francis Tervil Petr (Francis Turville-Petre), hence the second name, who built his villa there. His house was bombed during the Second World War, destroying all vegetation throughout the island. Ruins of the house are still preserved for us to visit.


  1. Néa Artáki
  2. Nea Artaki